Letter From Senator Richard Blumenthal

Sound Solar Systems and The Greenwich Racquet Club received this letter from Connecticut Senator Blumenthal at our opening ceremony of the solar system installed on the Racquet Club.

The letter reads:

Dear Friends,

Congratulations on today’s landmark installation of your new, state-of-the-art clean energy system. I regret that I cannot attend, but send my best wishes. I am proud that Sound Solar Systems and Greenwich Racquet Club have paired as leaders in responsible conservation, environmental stewardship, and athletic innovation.

Sound Solar Systems has been a forerunner in clean energy, finding creative and cutting-edge ways to brighten residential and commercial spaces. By helping businesses and residents of Connecticut integrate alternative sources of power, you help our state and nation conserve money and fuel and become more energy self-sufficient. You have expertly tapped into our natural resources, helping to incorporate solar and wind energy into our mainstream consciousness and culture.

By teaming with Greenwich Racquet Club – a beautiful space for the game of tennis, friends and family, and health and wellness – you have brought awareness of energy efficiency to shared recreational spaces. Greenwich Racquet Club has smartly recognized the value of solar energy, and has taken a grand step forward. It will be a role model for tennis clubs across the country.

Congratulations, again, for raising Connecticut’s energy consciousness – using new technology to bring the tradition of playing outdoors to indoor tennis. I wish you many decades of continued progress and success.


Richard Blumenthal

United States Senator”