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We also serve the Greenwich & Fairfield, CT area

Each day, more and more residents across the state of Connecticut are switching to solar power in their home. The current rate of solar panel installation is about 1,000 a year, which was about half that only a few years prior.

A big draw to the ever-increasing solar panel trend is that it is a “worry-free” system. Once the panels are installed, residents can rest easy and watch the savings accumulate in the coming years. Some homeowners see their monthly electric bills cut in half after converting to solar energy.

According to Solar Power Rocks, Connecticut residents who switch to solar power save an average of about $714 yearly. New York State Residents enjoy average savings of about $570 a year. Both states offer solar power rebates and tax credits for qualified homeowners.

With the cost of solar-powered systems steadily decreasing while the benefits continue to rise, it is no wonder that residents of the Fairfield and Greenwich, Connecticut area – as well as those in the county of Westchester, New York – are making the decision to switch.

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