Samuel Clemens Would Have Been Proud…

Today was a wonderful day for Redding. The ribbon cutting for the Mark Twain Library’s new solar panel system was attended by many and was fun, informative and festive.

Former Library President Robert Morton was the emcee of the event and his introductions of the speakers and presenters with interesting anecdotes and humor. He spoke about the indomitable spirit of Mark Twain and his relationship with Thomas Edison and spoke of how proud they would have both been.

Library Director Beth Dominianni spoke about what Mark Twain would have thought about the solar panels since electricity had not yet come to Twain’s home at Stormfield in Redding and he was dependent on his 100 light acetylene gas system.

Ms Dominianni invited the public to view the progress of the installation on the photo kiosks donated by Santa Energy and Sound Solar.

She praised Sound Solar for their Know How and thanked Santa Energy for their financial backing

Redding Resident Tom Santa told about his company’s connection to our town and how proud he was that his daughter, the fourth generation in their buiness was there as well. Santa’s company, Santa Energy provided the financing for the project. Santa was presented with a portrait of Mark Twain painted by local artist and self proclaimed Twainiac Susan Durkee.

Tom Savino spoke about how our project was a perfect example of how Public and Private come together to solve a problem.

Toni Boucher told how important libraries were during her own childhood as a young immigrant.

John Shaban discussed the importance of having the environment and the economy meet to solve a problem.

Finally, Natalie Ketcham, in her last official act as First Selectman spoke about the future of libraries, and then presented the gift to Tom Santa.

Concurrent with the ceremony, Redding preschoolers were enjoying a Story Time in the original section of the library. They were learning about the sun. At the end of the program, they joined the assembly where they helped cut the green ribbon.

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