Solar Installation Westchester, NY

Solar Installations for Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT

Sound Solar Systems LLC provides professional solar installation to homes in Fairfield, CT, Greenwich, CT and Westchester, NY, as well as the surrounding areas.

Install Solar Electricity. Let Sound Solar Systems install solar panels on your roof and connect them to the the electrical system in your home and to the grid.

Save Money. With electricity generated by the sun, your use of power from the grid will go down and so will your electrical bills. In fact, on some days your solar panels will be sending power back into the utility grid.

Go Green. Powering appliances in your home requires a lot of electricity, producing carbon emissions. Let the sun generate some electricity and reduce your carbon footprint.

I’m interested. What are my next steps?

  1. We examine the orientation and shading of your roof to determine if your home is suitable.
  2. We provide a financial breakdown of costs and tax credits, pay-back periods and savings.
  3. We help examine your financing options.
  4. We size, design, and install a system for you.

Commercial Solar Systems

For a business, there are many benefits to commercial solar systems; lower power costs, increased certainty of power availability, and delivery as well as a green profile.

To examine whether a commercial solar electricity system makes sense for your business in Greenwich, CT or Fairfield, CT, we follow a straightforward process that includes the following steps:

  1. We examine roof area and orientation of your property and conduct a shading analysis.
  2. We collect and evaluate your current power bills.
  3. We then design and size a solar electricity system for your business, work out grants and rebates, and provide you with the pay-back point and measure of savings.
Solar Installation Westchester, NY

Energy Saving for the Westchester, NY Area

Commercial Lighting Retrofits

Lighting is often a major contributor to the electrical consumption of a business.

Many businesses use lamps, fixtures and lighting units that are at the end of their useful life and that rely on old, energy-wasting technology.

We perform free lighting audits that examine the current energy consumption and explore more efficient alternatives.

We secure rebates and financing and install new, energy efficient lighting systems that provides better lighting, a cleaner look and saves your business substantial amounts on your electricity bill

For Your Home

Let Sound Solar Systems complete an energy audit of your home. We will collect data and evaluate the performance of the major systems, including insulation, windows, heating/cooling, and hot water.

We produce an energy savings report, listing the measures you could take to save on energy consumption and cut your power bills.

Go Green. A lot of homes use energy inefficiently, leading to higher costs and the production of more carbon emissions. By making some changes to your home, your carbon footprint can be significantly reduced.