Sound Solar Systems Installs Solar Array in Bridgeport, CT

Clean energy development and installation company Sound Solar Systems, LLC partners with clean energy projects investor Altus Power Management, LLC to finish installing a solar array on a commercial building rooftop of Royal Flush in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) provided funds for the project that is likely to reduce the electrical energy of the client by around 35%.

Sound Solar Systems offers clean energy solutions that address engineering limitations and multiple green technologies. Sound Solar Systems provides cost evaluation, financing, design and construction options meant for solar photovoltaic systems which utilize sunlight to generate electrical energy; wind power systems to produce electrical energy; solar thermal systems that utilize sunlight to generate hot water; as well as other alternative efficiency projects and energy systems.

Sound Solar Systems’ principal Tony Savino mentioned that the company’s role is to provide commercial landlords, building owners and homeowners with solar technologies, thereby create savings for them. Tony Savino is also AP Savino LLC’s founder, which is a construction company that has undertaken projects on office buildings, condominiums, residential subdivisions, custom homes and shopping centers.

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